Marketing Packages

Please keep in mind that the package descriptions below are general tools and services rendered. However, if you have certain needs and not others, we are happy to tweak the focus to serve you best. For example, if you already have a terrific 90 second/2 minute video introduction of your firm, product, or services, we can add more investor emails to go out instead. The bottom line is that if you have a budget and tell us what you are trying to accomplish, we can propose commensurate solutions for you.

Full Service Starter Package—$7,500

  • 1 hour call/meeting with our CEO
  • Full service investor messaging advisory including your email introduction and “landing page” (this can be a page on your website, a single page online, or on a platform like the example below–Mediatrix Capital on Issuer Direct)
  • Landing page creation (example below) and set up of your own “opt in” email system. Basically this means that from here on out, each investor that comes to your site/landing page and expresses interest, will now be an opt-in subscriber of your firm. You can decide to use this regularly or not at all depending on your objectives but we find long term value in building relationships with our “lists”. Prospect list or client list, it’s nice to just push one button when you want to say something to all of them!
  • Your choice of a 90 second-2 minute teaser video produced on your behalf OR sending 5,000 emails to investors of your choice (family offices, RIA’s, accredited individuals, institutional investors, etc. We will tell you which databases we suggest that you start with after our 1 hour call to better understand your objectives/target market)

**An example of a landing page and video that our team produced for Mediatrix Capital can be viewed here

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Impact Package—$15,000

  • All services from our Starter Package
  • 90 second-2 minute teaser video
  • Email marketing campaign to 10,000 qualified investors (sent twice in one month) in your target segments

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Platinum Package—$35,000

  • All services from our Starter and Impact Packages
  • 15-20 minute webinar recording hosted by Elite Investments newsletter editor for maximum effectiveness. This will be quite helpful in closing new investors that visit your landing page.
  • Email marketing campaign to an additional 20,000 qualified investors in month two.
  • 1 hour per month marketing/investor communication advisory from our CEO for 3 months

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New Client Offer—$2,500 basic emailing service

For those that have purchased any of our various investor databases, we will gladly still give you the list and also send an email once on your behalf for $2,500 (lists priced up to $1,000 all included–up to 10,000 emails). In addition, we will send to that list as many times as you like for $1,500 thereafter. This way, you do not have to worry about HOW you will email these investors, leave that to us!

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** Because this is designed as a basic service for our data purchasing clients, we do not advise at all on how or what to say in your emails. If you feel that you have greater needs in terms of your messaging and, most importantly, a proper place to send interested parties, please check out our full service packages here (link to packages page)