Email Marketing 

Phenom Marketing, owned by Phenom Ventures, employs a team of technology professionals familiar with the intricacies of email marketing. Our multiple servers, hosted around the globe, allow us to send and deliver up to 100,000 emails per hour. It is not illegal to send people emails. But, CAN SPAM laws need to be followed in order to be compliant and Phenom always complies with global laws and best practices.

Many of our customers that buy our family office, accredited investor, hedge fund investor, RIA, hedge fund, private equity, venture capital, angel investor, and many other investor databases, have issues sending emails to these sometimes large lists. To be efficient with our time, no one wants to load small batches of emails to send each day, nor do you need to!

Email marketing platforms such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact will not help you. Even if someone that sells you a list tells you that it is “opt in”, it is not your opt-in! And, that’s what counts to the various email marketing programs out there. Luckily, Phenom Marketing has the ability to send emails on your behalf at very reasonable prices.

New Client Offer—$2,500 basic emailing service.

For those that have purchased any of our various investor databases, we will gladly still give you the list and also send an email once on your behalf for $2,500 (lists priced up to $1,000 all included–up to 10,000 emails). In addition, we will send to that list as many times as you like for $1,500 thereafter. This way, you do not have to worry about HOW you will email these investors, leave that to us!

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** Because this is designed as a basic service for our data purchasing clients, we do not advise at all on how or what to say in your emails. If you feel that you have greater needs in terms of your messaging and, most importantly, a proper place to send interested parties, please check out our full service packages here.